Door to Door Chemical Sales

So today was they day a chemical salesman got dropped off at my door to sell me some chemicals. Now they guy who came to my door didn't tell quite as many jokes, but was still a pretty good salesman. Besides the high pressure sales tactics most people don't enjoy, here are a few reasons not to use these chemicals, especially on carpets.

The first reason not to use this chemical is that the main ingredient is 2-Butoxyethanol a solvent that will weaken the glue holding the carpet fibers to the backing of your carpet.

Reason 2, here is the MSDS of Kleen Warrior (the brand being sold to me today). Look closely and you will find a PH of 13.5 give or take .5  the PH scale only goes from 0 - 14, and this stuff has a PH of between 13 and 14, the highest PH you could possibly have.  This Extremely high PH will void your carpet warranty because it will strip the stain resistant qualities away from your nylon carpets that have acid dye blockers, and will physically damage wool fibers.

Is it good at getting grease out, you bet, just don't use it on your carpets.

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