Before I get started it's important to know that Odoban is cationic and will void most carpet warranties. With that being said, almost any time it has come to the point where you are considering using a product like Odoban on your carpeting, most likely the warranty has been voided for quite some time.  Most sanitizing products are cationic by nature and therefore negate the negative charged acid dye blockers that helps stain-resist nylon carpet be stain resistant.

Now that that's out of the way, Odoban works wonders.

OdoBan is a deodorizer, sanitizer, disinfectant, mildewstat, and a virucide all in one.

While carpet cleaning we come across many situations where fowl odors make it very unpleasant to be in a room,  the smell that odoban seems to work best on is that dingy basement smell. but they also have special formulations for pet odors and even skunk spray.

After using about 30 Gallons of concentrated original scent in hundreds of applications, we have seen great results, but the eucalyptus smell  got a little old. Not an uncommon thing, many of the other deodorizers I have used in the past have smells that eventually start losing their appeal, but the nice thing about Odoban is that they make a few different scents, my personal favorite being lavender, although my employees seem to be favoring the citrus.

OdoBan meets AOAC efficacy standards for hospital disinfectants, so i know it's just not a perfume that covers up the odor, it's really working to destroy the odor.

Of all the deodorizers I have used, Odoban is also the most inexpensive, and easily obtainable. I don't have to order it from a specialty carpet cleaning supplier, it's stocked at Home Depot.

I would recommend Odoban to any cleaning professional, and can also recommend it to anyone else who has smells that need to go away. A gallon of Odoban concentrate will go a long way, so if you are just using it for one project you might want to buy the ready to use mix.

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