Furniture Sliders

Waxman Furniture Sliders
Waxman Furniture Sliders

After cleaning several houses that use these furniture sliders I can say that I am a fan.

These sliders are great for making furniture easy to move around, sliding effortlessly over carpet. But what really makes me a fan of these furniture gliders is that once they are put on the furniture and left there, they help redistribute the weight of furniture making sure depression marks are kept in check.  These little guys are also great for creating a barrier between freshly cleaned carpet that can be left damp, and damage causing things like wood stain, or rusting metal, often found on upholstery and table legs. With furniture sliders items that would usually have to be kept off the carpet until it was bone dry, can be put back in place right after a cleaning, with an easy slide.

Furniture Sliders by Waxman:

You won't be disappointed!

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