Cold Cleaning in Everson

This past week has seen some of the coldest days in years. The cold weather presents a few challenges for carpet cleaners, no so much on the cleaning of carpets side of business, but on more so on protecting the carpet cleaning equipment. If the equipment freezes it can break fittings and hoses, and even cause a lot of damage to the very core of the truck mounted equipment. Luckily once you get up and running everything stays hot for a while, so even though the temperatures were in the teens, and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground once we got our machines up and running we were able to clean all day. Bellingham seems to shut down when there is even a little snow, so it didn't surprise me when a few customers cancelled their appointments because of the cold weather, lucky for us Valley Land and Homes needed some units cleaned right away, so we spent a very cold day up in Everson, steam cleaning carpets while watching it snow out the window.

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