A Tale of 2 Carpets

A few days ago I cleaned 2 houses back to back. Carpet 1:

Vacant house, carpet was vacuumed before I got there, and there were no visible stains. The carpets took almost no time to clean.

Carpet 2

After moving the furniture, I found carpets with dirt, grime, grease and food spots, it was a uniform shade dark brown underneath all of the litter of what should have been a white carpet. Spent almost as much time just doing a good pre-vacuum and equipment setup as I did on job #1. The carpets needed a pre-spray, before and after spot cleaning, a pre-scrub with a rotary buffer, several passes of steam cleaning, and another round of scrubbing and drying with a bonnet. I used almost every tool in the van to get the carpet looking like new again.

Both carpets were the same size, and because of they way I have been pricing my services, cost the same to clean.

Having these 2 jobs that were so very different in labor be the same in price didn't seem right.

After debating pricing and thinking about my experience with these two jobs I have changed my pricing into 3 levels of service. Economy, Full Service, and Premium. Although the average job we clean needs a full service cleaning, there are some jobs that would save money by getting an economy cleaning. And some that need more attention and extra processes to really get clean.

We still base our pricing per room so it's easy to figure out exactly how much the cleaning will be. If you have any questions on our new teared pricing, give me a call, I would be happy to answer any questions.

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