Lummi Island

lummi island ferry dock I've been out to Lummi Island 2 weeks in a row now and love cleaning out there. The day always starts out with a small ferry ride out to the island. Rain or shine it's just nice to be out on the water and enjoying the salt air, and beautiful view.

I was asking my last Lummi Island customer how she heard about our company, and I was pleased to hear that kind words were spoken about us on the community Facebook page.

We do have to charge a little extra to cover for the time and ferry cost to the island, but with the ferry only being $13 these costs are minimal. If you are a savvy consumer you can always schedule with neighbors, if we have a few jobs on the island instead of just one we just waive the travel fees.

This past Saturday While I was in line to board the ferry leaving the island I got approached and asked if I had time to clean another carpet while I was there. I always schedule extra time when headed out to Lummi and was very happy to take on the extra job. I think that worked out well for both of us.

The Awful Carpet Looks NEW!

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