A picture is worth a thousand words, that's why pictures are an important part of marketing and advertising. If a good picture worth a thousand good words, a bad picture must be worth a thousand bad ones right? For our every day before and after cleaning business pictures a point and shoot camera in the hands of a cleaning tech works just fine, But pictures to make a first impression on advertising need to have a more talented person behind the camera.

I had some staff photos taken by that turned out great, sadly she moved to California shortly after we got these photos done.

So Bryan had a pro take his staff picture

and Frans did not.

The difference is pretty clear. Bryan's picture is crisp, has great colors, and just looks good without even thinking about it. Frans is wearing an identical shirt but the color looks off, the lighting is wrong and the whole picture has a glare.

I know several other photographers and will be using them in the future instead of trying to use my cell phone's camera.


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