New Vacuum

Is it time for a new vacuum?

This Hoover 4087  from the Mid 70's Is still working strong, It's outlasted the shag carpet it had to vacuum so many times and is now vacuuming daily at an office.  Some vacuums are just built to last and just need a little maintenance to keep then sucking strong.  Belts are the most common thing that needs to be replaced and also the cheapest, even new vacuums need the belts changed, so give it a try before giving up. Other problems are motors and beater bars and if you don't feel like spending a weekend taking apart your vacuum you're in luck, Bellingham is lucky to have a great vacuum shop. Rectors Vacuum is a local shop that can help you fix your reliable old vacuum, or get you set up with a shiny new one, Either way a great shop with friendly staff.