A Real Vacuum

It's a sad day, but also a new beginning.  I was cleaning up my equipment and looking on my original hoover conquest vacuum and noticed that a few parts needed to be replaced as part of regular maintenance, The more I looked, the more I realized that although I could fix it all, it's not the best looking anymore. This is the one I bought when I first opened Carpet Care Cleaners and has served me for a decade of sucking. With the exception of having to replace the roller once, the belt twice, and replacing a hard object trap door I had lost, The hoover c1810 conquest vacuum was the best vacuum I have ever owned. it's rugged and can suck up nails.  So what model do buy as a replacement? the same one of course, a brand new Hoover c1810 is ready to get to work.  I recommend the C1810 to any cleaning professional because I know it's the best vacuum on the market. Hoover Conquest c1810

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