Dog with fleas Fleas can be quite the pest when they start living in your home. There are several home remedies that can start to help you with your unwelcome fleas. But when you really want them gone, call us.

I get asked every now and then if carpet cleaning will kill fleas, or if there is something we can put in the cleaner to kill fleas. Fleas can be a major problem for houses with pets, and even just houses that used to have pets. Only a licensed pest control technician would legally be able to make claims and charge you for pest control, Luckily we are a licensed pest control company. We became a licensed pest control company specifically so we could kill fleas. We are the only carpet cleaning company in town that offers this service.

Not only do we kill fleas, we then clean up their mess by physically removing many of the flea adults, larvae, pupa, eggs, their waste, and larva food source.  We then treat the area to prevent future infestations from occurring.  It's the most comprehensive solution to flea problems available from a cleaning company, or a pest control company, because we're both.



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