Old Rental Carpet

10 year old rental carpet Today is one of those days I wish I had the foresight to take a picture before cleaning the carpet and not just after so I could get a nice before and after shot of the carpet.

I have cleaned this carpet 10 times now. It is in a rental in Bellingham and has always had pets in it every year when it is rented out. It was the home depot cheapo carpet in the brown variety 10 years ago when it was installed, and with regular maintenance it's still looking good.

This is a lucky example of how dirt and even pet messes and grime can be fixed, time and time again, but carpet damage  is different. This carpet is filthy every time I clean it, but there are no burns, tears, or bleach, so it's good for another year of abuse in Bellingham's rental market.

No Dumping

Another Small Carpet Cleaning Challenge