How to Choose Carpet

Daily as a carpet cleaner I see all the different types of carpets, not the new carpet or the show room carpet, no, I get to see old carpet. I see how they wear, how they stain, how they look after being in a rental for 20 years. Some carpets out perform others. So when I went shopping to buy some new carpet I wasn't distracted as much by the private label names of  carpets, I used all of my experience from carpet cleaning as well as years of research on properties of different carpet fibers to buy the carpet that was going to work for me. Do you wish you could make an informed purchase on carpet too? I found a cliff notes guide for you to read and be an expert when you go shopping.

I recommend dense, cut pile, nylon 6,6 carpet for most residential situations.  you can find this type of carpet at many retailers here in Bellingham. Feel free to contact me before shopping for new carpet, If we can't save your current carpet with a good cleaning, we can at least help you find new carpeting that will clean good the next time.



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