Carpet Tiles

You know Carpet Care Cleaners for our outstanding work cleaning residential carpet, But at night and on Saturdays we are a little less visible to the public as we clean  a lot of commercial carpet here in Bellingham. Last weekend we were cleaning a large vacant commercial space prior to a new business moving in. We worked closely with the janitorial staff and cleaned everything before the move in day. The carpet wasn't your ordinary wall to wall carpet, it was tiles of carpet that are glued down to cover an area.

Carpet tile has it's positive and negatives when it comes to cleaning.  The main negative for this job was that there were several areas where too much glue was applied when installing the carpet tiles and the glue "squished" up between the tiles. With a little effort this problem was corrected.

The Great benefit of carpet tiles came when we were finishing up the job and going back through to try and get a few suborn stains out.  The janitorial staff told us that there were extra tiles, and the couple of spots that were too damaged and for whatever reason couldn't be cleaned, were just replaced.

Instead of having to replace all of the carpet or even just a room of carpet because of damage. just a single tile can be replaced. Gotta love carpet tile.

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