New Carpet Cleaning Buffer

175 Blue Star Carpet Cleaning Floor BufferIt's always sad when you realize that it's time to let old equipment go, I'm more of a fix it again and again type of guy, a necessity when owning a carpet cleaning business because everything tends to break down. The only thing that makes up for the sadness of seeing a piece of equipment that you have spent countless man hours behind cleaning carpet be sold for parts on Craigslist is the Christmas morning feeling of getting the new stuff. This week I had a major component of one of the floor buffer break. Buffers usually last quite a long time, and this buffer was no exception, it was part of the cleaning package I bought in 2003 when first opening Carpet Care Cleaners.

My new Nobles slow speed 175rpm 17inch floor buffer came from Bay City Supply

Bay City Supply was super friendly, got my new buffer ordered, and had a great price. It's a different color then the last Nobles Buffer I bought from them, it's a 2 tone gray / black instead of the green. It's very handsome for a floor buffer (for those of us that spend way too much time with floor buffers). I'm looking forward to the many years of carpet cleaning this machine will be sure to see.

Nobles Speedshine 175 Floor Buffer

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