Kitchen Grease vs Carpet

Restaurants add a whole new level of excitement to carpet cleaning. Depending on the location you could be cleaning sweet and sour sauce, BBQ sauce, or a spilled bowl of Thai curry. Although the foods change, grease is the one common throughout most restaurants. Foot traffic to any pubic location is going to bring dirt and grime, but that's not what makes restaurant carpet get dirty so fast. It's my theory that restaurants that have a division between the kitchen and the servers where the food is passed though seem to stay clean a little longer because it's the kitchen grease that the workers are spreading on their shoes going from the hard surfaced kitchen to the carpet. Besides the division enforcement of kitchen staff and serving staff there is one thing that can delay spread of kitchen grease to the carpet better then anything else, Mopping. Sounds easy, but if you are having grease problems on your carpet and your kitchen floor seems a little slippery, then you are not mopping correctly. Mopping isn't just about spreading chemicals around on your floor with a mop, it's so much more. Learn how to mop correctly, and I'll be cleaning the restaurants of bellingham much less frequently.

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