Ferndale 98248

Carpet Cleaning Ferndale Doing SEO for a carpet cleaning company has it's challenges, It's not the same as trying to get visitors from wherever you can. I have a friend who promotes an internet retail site and get business from around the globe, but as a serviced based company I try to just do the seo for the area that I clean for.  Right now we only clean in Whatcom county,  Our office is just outside of Bellingham city limits, we have a Bellingham zip code of 98225, but are located just south of Ferndale as well. Most of Ferndale is closer to our office then any part of Fairhaven or Sudden Valley. We want to get customers from the whole county. Some companies have service areas that include several large metro areas, but our little market up here in the northwest corner of Washington seems like you can almost get away with just marketing to Bellingham, even though the service area has several other small towns.

Ferndale is not just a small town though, it's growing rapidly and is attracting new businesses, and many new residents. Bellingham has several zip codes (98225, 98226, & 98229) Ferndale just has the One zip code of 98248. Being located right between both Bellingham and Ferndale means we can access most of the county very easily and therefore we reserve travel charges for outlaying towns like glacier.  So if you live in Ferndale or in any other area of Whatcom county, don't think we are ignoring you just because we market so heavily to Bellingham. We're here and we'll get your carpets cleaned.

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