Whatcom and Skagit Counties

I have noticed that there are several service based companies that service both Whatcom and Skagit counties. Right now I am only servicing Whatcom county, but maybe I'll expand. Whatcom and Skagit counties are right next to each other and the drive time if you stay next to I5 isn't that bad, but if I wanted to service all the way into Anacortes it would be an hours drive each way. I guess right now I am a little spoiled because most of my jobs are in Bellingham, less then 10 minuets to the average job.  Still only 10 to 15 minuets if I have to go into Sudden valley or up to Ferndale.  Sumas, Glacier, Everson and other outlaying places take a while longer to get to, but their populations are relatively small  making the occasional drive kind of fun. Burlington and Mount Vernon would be the best place in Skagit for me to start expanding to, good size population and a short commute.

In the past I have avoided expanding down south because it would mean putting together a whole new marketing campaign. With the way that I used to advertise (phone books, direct mail, and coupons)   the added area would have been a huge expense. But with the online only advertising I do now, it might be time to reconsider Skagit.

There are of course many more logistical factors before I expand past the Bellingham area. but I am starting to warm up to the idea. Although I won't be advertising down there quite yet, I'm not going to turn down the work anymore if someone calls.


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