What gets you going in the morning?  If it's caffeine you could make a simple change to boost your emotional intelligence.

I like coming across articles like this because I have always been a wake up naturally type of guy. Even if I have been out cleaning a restaurant till 2am and have to get up for after just a few hours of sleep for an early morning cleaning, I skip the coffee.  The first few days of a new schedule can throw me for a loop, but after I get into a groove it doesn't matter when i have to get up, I can be wide awake and alert.  After reading several other studies about caffeine and then this article from Forbes,  it made me realize how studies can be fundamentally flawed if you forget to consider all the factors.

Morning coffee Isn't just a drink, it's a social activity. Last month I joined Whatcom Young Professionals, and started attending their morning networking meetings. Any guess on where they meet? Yep bright and early at a coffee shop.  At least I am not in High school anymore and there is no social pressure to drink coffee, I order a breakfast sandwich and enjoy the social networking as I watch others in the coffee shop get their fix of coffee and are alleviated from their caffeine withdrawals .

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