Carpet Warranty

If you are buying carpet please, don't get ripped off! Here are a few bullet points from Stain Master's warranty found on their website:

"No carpet is fully stain proof. Therefore, INVISTA does not extend warranty coverage to any of the substances or causes of damage identified below (“non-covered stains”). The following are examples of non-covered stains excluded from this limited warranty:

• Non-food and non-beverage stains caused by substances, including, for example, but not limited to, cosmetics, bleaches, inks, etc. • Stains caused by substances that destroy or change the color of the carpet, including, for example, but not limited to, stains caused by dyes (such as clothing or food coloring), bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, and plant food. • Human or other pet stains (such as vomit, blood and feces). • Color changes due to fading.

• These limited warranties also exclude abnormal use or conditions, any type of abuse, vandalism, or damage by smoke, fire, storm, flood, hurricane, wind, lightning, any other natural disaster, or any act of God. “Commercial use” includes, but is not limited to: use in a store, office or other place of business. “Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to: water damage from plumbing, storm or flood, damage from smoke or fire, damage from improper cleaning methods or materials, and from improper maintenance. “Abuse” is any use of the carpet that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses of a carpet in a residence. Damages caused by improper cleaning methods and materials are also excluded. • Damage caused by pets or resulting in tears, pulls, cuts, pilling, shedding, burns, fuzzing, matting, crushing, shading, or pile reversal, improper installation or defective construction are excluded."


There isn't much that is left. In all of the time I have been working with carpets I have never known anyone who has gotten their carpets replaced using the warranty.  I have know several people who have tried, but with the way the warranty is written it really doesn't cover much.

What I do hear from customers on occasion is "This is stain master carpet? why can't you get that bleach out?"  I think that the warranties that some large carpet manufacturers are giving out are done so not because the carpet is any better, but it's a selling point. The warranty is a sales tactic to give customers a false idea of security, and quality. If you are in the market for new carpet and you like Stain Master carpet for it's look, feel, price, or any other reason besides it's warranty then by all means go for it, but don't buy carpet because it has a warranty, it's a worthless piece of paper.


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