Guerrilla Marketing for Carpet Cleaners

Guerrilla marketing much like guerrilla warfare is done with a cheap budget and can be very effective. When you are not spending the big bucks to advertize, you have to be creative, out of the box, and a little bold. A Google search of guerrilla marketing will yield hundreds of really cool ideas, and you might get sucked into watching videos for hours on how entertaining some of these campaigns have been. This one is the latest I've seen.  

I love it, but how can I use that idea to promote a carpet cleaning company? Each guerrilla marketing campaign requires a lot of thought to be able to match and idea to a product or service, and the execution of the idea is just as important. Last year I set up my van at a public market and offered free auto upholstery cleaning, my hope was to clean a lot of cars, get referrals, give everyone my contact info and then maybe when they needed carpet cleaning done they would call me. The location wasn't the best, we had power issues, and we didn't have a clear enough sign to let people know what we were doing. The actual event was a big flop but the idea wasn't bad, I might even try again in the future. One nice thing about guerrilla marketing campaigns is that they are cheap, so I didn't really loose much by trying. So try, try again.  

I can sit around all day thinking of ideas, and one thing I love to do it talk with friends about their businesses and see what kind of guerrilla marketing campaigns we can come up with for them, but for me, I think I am too close to carpet cleaning to think clearly, it's so much easier to think of ideas for other industries. If you think of a good idea for carpet cleaning, let me know!

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