Every company has to make their own policies, one that we have always had is that we don't work on Sundays. For the most part our customers don't mind, to date I only know of one job we have missed out on because we were not able to do it on a Sunday. We try very hard to have an accommodating schedule and have enough resources to be able to handle any job that comes our way. We started this policy because of religious belief, but over the years of not working on Sunday I could safely say that even if it was not a religious belief I would still take at least one day a week off. Without a break all of the jobs would start running together, quality would start to slip, and mine and my employees brains would start turning to mush. One question I often get asked on the phone is: "Do you work on weekends?" and now you know a little bit more behind why I say "yes, Saturdays, but not Sundays."

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