Getting Charged Up

Because starting a business and getting it off the ground takes a tremendous amount of energy you have to find ways to charge yourself back up. Life really changes so quick, As Carpet Care Cleaners turns 10 years old, I just turned 30. The past decade has had it's up and downs and Carpet Care Cleaners is doing better then ever, It's amazing to look back and see the progress all of the effort and day to day energy has added up to.  Personal motivation is key in creating a lasting company. The first few months of starting a company is like magic, you have no money, but the excitement is through the roof high. I have found that I need to keep that excitement alive and thriving in my company and in myself in order to be successful. Embracing the changing nature of business helps me to find new things to be excited about everyday, but when facing a milestone like a 30th birthday / 10 years in business, I felt like something a little more dramatic was in order, even if it's only a symbolic re-charge. Luckily for me, my wife took me to the museum for my birthday. Sounds a little lame until you get to know me, and the museum we went to. I love old electronics, I'm a geek in that regard, and Bellingham happens to have a museum of electronic invention. The exhibits were very cool, and the grand finally was a show that featured a large tesla coil and a faraday cage. Long story short, I am now charged up and ready to clean some carpets.




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