QR Codes

I've known about QR  codes for some time, but now I can hack them. A QR code is a quick way for someone with a QR scanner, meaning anyone with a cell phone to turn a code printed on a physical medium into digital information they can use without having to type everything out.


Some elements of the QR Code are vital, but the code is designed so that it can be partially damaged and still be readable. The question becomes how much can you damage it, and how can you damage it to look cool and still be readable.

Using an online tool I loaded my logo into the QR code, then erased sections around the image, and reconfigured a few of the blocks to read "CCC" and changed their color to make them noticeable. I also smoothed the edges to make it look less blocky.  The outcome is a custom QR code that will draw slightly more attention.

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