Our Rugs Look Amazing

I had just bought 2 Karastan wool carpets on Craig's list that were in good condition but definitely needed a thorough cleaning. I looked around online and found a place that specializes in just Oriental carpets and am sure they do a superb job, but the thought of paying more to get them cleaned than I even paid to buy them didn't feel like the investment I wanted to make right off the bat. So I called CCC instead and was very pleased with the results. The other nice thing is that the agent and very nice gentleman, Bryan was able to come right to my house instead of me dropping them off and picking them up as I would have for the other service. He used this special machine that shot water into them and then sucked it back out so no soap wasn't even used. They look amazing now and they dried really fast (in a warm room). That machine got all the dirt out! The only thing it wasn't able to do was clean the fringes that well, but that's something I can easily do myself anyway. I know many people gawk at paying $1 a sq. foot to clean an area rug, but seriously, this is a third of the price you'd pay elsewhere. I know I wouldn't want the same machines that work on synthetic carpets used on my wool rugs, so it makes since why it's more expensive than normal carpet cleaning. Anyway, I definitely recommend these guys!!

Excellent Service

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