I Didn't Have High Hopes

I recently moved into a new home and all the carpets were stained and filthy, I don't think they have ever been cleaned! I didn't have high hopes for the carpets with all the stains and such, but wanted a clean fresh start for moving in. I called up Carpet Care Cleaners and they were able to come early on a Saturday morning to accommodate my move-in schedule :-) I was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge and use of green cleaners. The end results were amazing, not only did ALL the stains and dirt come out, but the carpets actually looked new! I did not notice any cleaning odors and could work in the house afterwards without being bothered by my allergies or asthma. I would definitely recommend Carpet Care Cleaners for others! - Dana Gaffney

We Won't Have To Worry About Letting Her Crawl On The Floor

Excellent Service