New Truckmount Engine

It was time to replace the engine in my truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. I have a prochem legend with a 20 HP Kohler Engine in it. After ordering the new engine I called a local mechanic to help me with the project and booked him for the day after the engine was to be delivered. This van and equipment had been well used before I had bought it, and maintenance was not done regularly as it should have been done, because of this there was a lot of clean up and other maintenance work that I had to do along side the install of the new engine.

Hoses were replaced, the exhaust manifold required some welding to fix a few cracks, new gaskets were put in, and all the areas I couldn't reach when the engine was in place were cleaned. While we had everything apart new drain hoses were added to the engine and pump to make oil changes easier.

Total project time was 6 hours.

Kohler 20hp

Prochem Legend without engine


Kohler 20HP

New Kohler Engine in it's new home



Fitting the van into the garage

Prochem Shroud Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint