$150 Minimum applies to all jobs

Carpet Cleaning $50 / Area

Upholstery is $15 per linear foot

Scotchgard,  Area Rugs, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Flea Control, and other services by in home quote only
(Other Pest Control Services & Prices)

Deep Clean – $50 per area $150 Minimum Charge

Moving of light furniture* Pretreatment of spots UV (Black Light) contamination inspection Moisture probe contamination inspection Quote for additional remediation General deodorizer / Bio digester Preconditioning of carpet Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction

*Light furniture includes couches, tables and chairs, NOT entertainment centers electronics or breakables.  An area is any room under 250 square ft with it's adjoining closets and hallways. Each staircase also counts as an area.