Candles are great, they smell nice and give off a warm flickering light. Candle Wax in your carpet, not so great. Although time consuming, removing wax from your carpet is possible. Just as hot melted wax travels up into the wick of a candle, you can use the same science to remove it from your carpet, no don't light it on fire! use a brown paper bag and place it on top of the wax, then use a Iron to heat the wax and watch as it transfers up into the paper. You may need to use several parts of the bag and or multiple bags. Be careful to not get the iron hot enough to damage the carpet fibers. As a general rule start with the iron on low and slowly increase the heat until you reach the melting point of the wax. The other method for wax removal found in our handy spot removal guide is to freeze and then shatter the wax from the fibers.

Hot iron vs. Carpet

Mystery Stains