More Web Traffic

I have been keeping track of traffic to my carpet cleaning webpage using statcounter from  late 2005 until now. I usually look at info about what search terms are being used to get to my site, and what pages people spend more time on. These statistics can be great for helping improve the webpage.  I have always looked at this info from a pretty close up view, zooming in to see all the details, I never even noticed that I could zoom out, and take a view of long term trends. What I found didn't necessarily surprise me, but more of confirmed what I already knew, thatWordpress has made my site way better.

2006-2007 I was getting about 1,500 people visiting my webpage in a year. In 2009 and 2010 I was over 2000. in 2011 I was on the same pace to get another 2000 potential customers to visit my site when I made a fundamental change to my webpage. I went from having a static page that I changed the look of every now and then, to using Wordpress. Wordpress is blogging software so it is easy to add new content and for me it made it easy to add coupons and really customize everything. in 2012 it looks like I doubled the amount of people visiting my site, and the business from the site increased too.

Because we don't really use the phone book to advertise anymore, our webpage has become more important to us.  Using Wordpress isn't the only factor that has changed on our webpage, but because it was such a major change it was easy to see the before and after effects.


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